Toyota Tarago '1984–90
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21 верасня 2010 г.
 Александр К.
Toyota Tarago's advances in design, performance and safety have made it Australia's most popular people mover. 1984 Tarago shown.

New Toyota Tarago, which has just gone on sale, advances the reputation earned by its predecessors over the last quarter of a century.

Tarago has played an integral part in the development and appeal of 'people movers' in this country.

First generation Tarago set the benchmarks in interior space and comfort.

It was uniquely launched in Australia and New Zealand as 'Tarago', a name derived from an Australian Aboriginal word for "my country" or "my house".

Toyota Australia recognised the need for a family wagon and, via regular upgrades, refined Tarago into the ultimate family vehicle.

"Tarago has always been a vehicle focused on delivering comfort, safety and space," said Toyota senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner.

"The first generation Tarago established the concept of modern people movers in the mass market."

In 1986, rigorous safety regulations for the relatively new vehicle segment of people mover were implemented.

Toyota, a pioneer of people movers in Australia, donated a Tarago to undergo the first crash test on a people mover in Australia.

"The second generation then set the standard of people movers and broke new ground in terms of passenger van design," Mr Buttner said.

"That model, launched with the new Y-frame chassis, provided increased crash protection and delivered a major step forward in handling and ride.

"The third and fourth generations of Tarago evolved and fine-tuned the concept of people movers to the next level in style, package efficiency, performance, fuel economy and low emissions."

The switch from rear-wheel-drive to front-wheel-drive, with the release of third generation Tarago in 2000, allowed for design improvements in space, accessibility and aerodynamics.

"There is no other people mover quite like Tarago, and its practicality and individuality has appealed to Australians for 26 years," said Mr Buttner.

Tarago is historically the best-selling people mover in Australia, selling 93,585 vehicles since its introduction to December 2008.

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